DryJoy Casuals Sweepstakes Thank You FJ

DryJoy Casuals Sweepstakes Thank You FJ


    Thanks FJ.....just received notification that I won a pair of the lime and white DryJoy Casuals in the sweepstakes and they are being shipped tomorrow......you da man Devin....playing in a tournament this weekend and they will look great with my lime and white checked FJ shirt and white FJ shorts.... woohoo.....cheers....chuck   :-)


    Congratulations, Chuck.  Wear them in good health.


    Congrats, Chuck. Wear them well.


    Way to go Chuck!!! Green is the new orange ;)


    Lucky !!! congrats those are great shoes:)


    Well done CZ !!! Love the lime accents ... wear 'em well.

    Give all of us non spikeless (so far) a review after testing them out.

    That's pretty cool, Chuck!
    Play well in your tournament.
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    CONGRATS Chuck Z!!! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! Enjoy your new shoes. Post a picture of that tournament with your new duds.

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    Awesome Chuck, congrats.  I have also been entering for the Lime Green DJ Casuals so hopefully I will get the lucky notification in the next few weeks as well and they look sweet.  I really like the Orange ones as well.

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    Congrats ChuckZ!  Play well this weekend

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    Congrats Chuck!    Good lookin shoes..

    Congrats Chuck. Wear them well.

    Congrats Chuck.


    You'll have to some more of that color to your collection -  looks good with Orange.


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    Atta Boy Chuck. I like the Citrus themed colors. Can't wait to see how you coordinate these new additions.