Rock Bottom Shoe Sale

Rock Bottom Shoe Sale

          Footjoy- Dry Joys Tour Golf Shoes (#53581)Good price @  $74.99 at Rock Bottom, Med width, in four sizes only and they also have some black and white saddle superlites priced @ $44.99 in Med width in eight sizes.....just got a hot flash from them.....chuck  

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    Good call Chuck but nothing for me and my bigfoot syndrome!!! Ha.

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    It rangu p at checkout as $99.99 for me, *(Footjoy- Dry Joys Tour Golf Shoes (#53581)).  Also the FootJoy- 2014 Superlites Golf Shoes were $50.00. Is there a special discount code because I was loffed into my RB account at the time of checkout. I didn't follow through with the purchase. Thanks!