Bought my 1st pair of FJ spikeless

Bought my 1st pair of FJ spikeless

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    Well I just bought my first pair of the "new look" spikeless Foot Joys , model 54371 .I have worn spikeless before but they have always been the tradition golf shoe look. I'll let you guys know how I like these  , share your experiences please.


    I've got two pair of the contour casuals and wear them most days.  Primarily they go to and from the golf course, but also around the mall or to the store, etc.  Comfortable, though finding the proper size took me a while.  Wear yours in good health, ParmanMike.

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    Congrats ParMan --- Post a pic of your new shoes in the '2014 New Shoes' thread. I use mine to play and/or practice without any reservations. The traction is more than enough for nearly every situation I have encountered.  Have fun!