to spike or not sprike

to spike or not sprike

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    Give me your opinion. Should I order myjoy spikeless or spikes?


    Personally, I prefer spikes when I am playing golf.  I am a walker and play year round and like a little extra traction.  It is all about personal preference.  

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    Spikes!  First of all, welcome to the FJ blog! This is a great community and you will derive great satisfaction out of participating here as well as gaining excellent information about all of the wonderful Foot Joy products. Spikes are so pliable and soft these days that I see no reason personally not to wear them. For me on wet days, they hold better than spikeless or at least inspire lots of confidence! and that alone can be worth a stroke or two or three!

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    Welcome to the community.  I agree with Chuck and Pete.  Spiked would be my preference, especially if you're going to opt for MyJoys.  You can easily replace spikes for $10-15, but once the nubs wear down on spikeless, you're pretty much out of luck.


    It really depends on what you are going to use them for. If they are for golf, get the spikes. If you want them to just wear around or to the office, then get the spikeless. My best dress shoes are currenly spikeless Black/Black Caiman Asymetrical MyJoys ICONs!

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    I vote spikeless. While good under normal circumstances the spikless shoes are good but less so when moisture is present.

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    If you are only buying one pair it has to be spiked. Spikeless may be O.K. on a flat dry course but if the ground is damp you need the spiked for traction. I agree with K. Mc.,you can replace the spikes,but when the knobs on the spikeless wear down t they are useless for golf.

    You've done a great choice in chosing FootJoy, the important part to be on a great track to own a great pair, soon!

    The Guys are right... It's up to the purpose you intend it for, although, some have chosen spikeless for dual purpose- so it's what you want it to be.

    Good luck and welcome to the FJC!

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    Spike shoes are always a recommendation. I bought a pair of spikeless and always go back to my spike shoes.

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    Lots of good input from previous posters.

    In terms of usage/selection, I have pairs of both and quite frankly no longer immediately go to the spike models.  If I'm playingj/practising and need to be some where soon there after I'll wear the spikeless. I haven't seen much of a difference at all in stability; even in wet conditions.  Go with a style that you like best.  

    That said, since you are paying top dollar for MyJoys and will likely have them for years, then you might want to go with the spiked version.

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    Spiked if you play mornings more often (morning dew and all).  Otherwise you really can't go wrong with either.  I'll play in spiked or spikeless depending on my mood