Golflocker FJ Closeouts

Golflocker FJ Closeouts


    Looking for some great buys in mens and womens Foot Joys...need to check this out.....

    FootJoy 2014 Golf Shoes Closeouts


    Bought a pair of the M Projects with the BOA a couple of weeks ago under this sale for $74.99.  Thought it was a great price to give the BOA a try and see if I liked it before I ordered a pair of the DNA's with the BOA.  Have not had a chance to try them out yet but plan to give the BOA a test drive this weekend.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Thank you sir for the heads up.  Think I may pick up a pair of the professionals for work.  

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    Thank you for the heads up

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    Thanks, Chuck.  Out comes the credit card...