Affordable Footjoy options for Plantar Fasciitis

Affordable Footjoy options for Plantar Fasciitis


    ChuckZChris.......Good you will not regret.......Once you get those inserts, WOW.......the night splints really do work as well......ugly and akward but is a copy of the exercises the Dr gave me.....chuck  :-)

    Chuck, maybe you should have just come to see me. I'm cheaper, more fun, and all my prescriptions come in liquid form (unless in Seattle or Denver).

    Maybe, a lot more fun....Bruce.....the VA Hospital doctors took good care of me on this......are you prescriptions all 100 proof and what flavor?  Switch one pain for another......ha...ha.....

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    I got PF ten years ago when I walked 36 holes wearing a bad pair of golf shoes.  All of us that have PF know that pain.

    I tired Contour Casuals, I had to use inserts.  I am now wearing XPS-1's and these are working for me.  But I always have my inserts ready.  IMO take the inserts with you when trying new shoes on, you may need a larger size as the inserts take up some space.