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    This may have been addressed before. How durable on/off course are the FJ spikelss Sport? Once the "nubs" wear off, you can't replace them.

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    The easy answer is that it depends. I have the Contour Casuals and when I do where them, I wear them to and from the course and anywhere in between. They are about 6 mos. old and still look pretty great. But the more you wear them on abrasive surfaces, then the faster they will wear out.

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    Even though you can't replace the nubs,they are great as just comfortable casual shoes.


    I'm with zacho...after the nubs wear off I'm certain they will always remain a comfortable casual shoe for other events

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    I would not wear a pair of spikeless sports off course. I think the "nubs" would wear down to a point where they were no longer beneficial for on course play. I do have a pair of contour casuals that I wear off course.

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    I would say that as long as you wear your spikeless golf shoes just on the course they should last a long time!

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    I only wear my golf shoes on the golf course. in the summer I wear slides and when it's cooler I wear a pair of Nike Free.  I know they market the casuals as on the course and off the course but I wouldn't want the nubs to wear down prematurely.


    If you only have 1 pair of shoes they probably will wear out.  But if they are rotated you should get a couple of years out of them.  Now Go Hokes will get them to last decades, he rotates almost 200 pair.