FJ Icons severely cracking prematurely

FJ Icons severely cracking prematurely

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    I have a pair of white Icons, asymmetrical with white lizard skin on the sides. I have worn these MAYBE 10-12 times, and they are severely cracking at the flex on the forefoot. Is there any way to stop or repair the damage?


    Did you purchase the shoes through MyJoys? Despite only wearing them a few times how many years have you had them?



    Have you been using leather condition, shoe trees, and cleaning after each use, plus allowing the shoe to dry after each use? Those techniques keep the shoes looking new....

    I have the Asyms with Croc (both large and small print), Lizard, Snake, Tortoise, and smooth, with pairs dating back to the intro in 2009. Happy to send you photos of how they have all held up.

    Not to say you don't have an issue.... Try calling the 800 Customer Service number and talking to the folks at FJ HQ. If there is a problem, you'll be taken care of.

    Also make sure to use the shoe care tips above, because they really do make for very happy shoes over many years of life...

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    I love white shoes but unfortunately they require constant care.  I have found that to maintain them best I do the following.

    1. Every round wipe them down with a damp cloth, especially the creases.

    2. Every few rounds clean them with saddle soap, using a soft brush, especially the creases.

    3. Use leather conditioner when they dry. I prefer Aussie leather conditioner.

    Salt from sweat  is hard to see developing in the creases of white shoes and is their mortal enemy. I have two pair of twenty  year old classics that still look nice.

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    Thanks for the additional care info. I have white and brown contours. A few years ago I picked up a FJ shoe care kit. Trying to keep the white takes extra effort, especially covering scuff marks.