Devin rocks!

    I just recieved my FJ Sports and StaSof glove.

    I won the Master's "FJ wins you win" sweepstakes.

    The prize was a pair of FJ Sports and a StaSof glove. In thrue FJ fashion not only did I recieve both of those items I also recieved a pair of ProDry socks, FJ ball markers, FJ Bracelets. I played in a fundraiser for my childrens school this afternoon. My foursome was green with envy.


    Congratulations Mark! Devin does rock, along with all the other FootJoy superstars back at HQ. Enjoy your prizes!


    How do I add a picture?

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    Excellent!  Congrats on the win.


    enjoy them and ware them with pride


    Congratulations on your victory! Welcome to the forum. Devin and the rest of the FJ staff are great people - they know how to take care of their people.

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    Mark they weren't the only ones green with envy!

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    Way to go Mark. Great FootJoy prizes. Wear/use them with pride.


    Nice  win! enjoy the goods ! I bet you looked sharp.


    Congrats Mark!  I hope you will stick around the FJ Community and enjoy/contribute to the conversation.


    Congrats Mark...enjoy!!!

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    Great job!!  Always feels good to win.


    Congats on the win. Playing in style from now on.


    Isn't there a saying "that something won is much better than something bought" ... or something to that effect.

    Anyway enjoy the spoils and hopefully you will become an FJ convert , if you weren't already.

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    Congrats on the win and glad to hear you were able to rock them out right away!!