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    Who is still using FJ Classics with metal spikes (nails)?


    Metal spikes are not allowed on courses any longer. I have not worn a "nail" in probably 15 years.

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    Would love to have a pair to aerate my lawn though.


    the only time I hear "nails" on the the course is when the tour is in town, and even then its very limited.  

    They are no allowed at any course that I am aware of.


    Metal spikes....bad for the course and even worse for your feet.


    Must say I have never heard spikes called nails

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    I still have a few classics but I have soft spikes on them.


    It's been close to 20 years since I've had any nails in my golf shoes. I miss the sound of them but that's all.


    Must say I have never heard spikes called nails

    Ditto  :-)


    I saw a pair of golf shoes my Father In Law's garage after he had passed. I never knew had an interest in golf. They were really old. They had metal spikes. I have never seen another pair of golf shoes with metal spikes in them.

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    My dad had some but I don't even know how the pros get them....

    Check this out on the history of metal spikes, hob-nailed shoes.

    Of course they were called "nails" because that's how they started.  I wore nails for years and was probably one of the late adopters of the soft spike.  The early soft spikes just gave me no traction.  Once the Black Widow came out, I switched and have never regretted it.  While working at Champions a couple of years ago, Steve Elkington always wore (and to my knowledge still does) "nails" in his FootJoys.  Don't recall anyone else doing so.

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    I used to live on a steep hill and wore spikes when I mowed the lawn.

    I have seen the tour players with a Champ Stinger type spike except with a metal spike in the middle of the composite spike......guess that they need that extra grip with those swings........