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    Ordered pair in May. Our golf shop has been informed shoes back ordered until Sept.  How can this be, I see them in all over the place..Dick's, PGA stores..etc.


    Stores like Dick's or PGA Tour superstore will have them in stock as they place massive orders for the shoes and distribute amongst their stores.  That is their stock, not ours.  We cannot pull merchandise from these places.

    So when there is a backorder from FJ it is because there are simply none in our warehouse.

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    Seems like a simple solution to me.  Head out to somewhere they're in stock, pick up a different color while you're waiting for your original order.  Then when done you now have TWO pairs!   I don't see any drawbacks to this strategy.

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    I don't see any drawbacks to this strategy.

    While I don't disagree with you in principle, if I tried to pull that off my wife would be very displeased with me.


    Order on line and save tax and shipping.......and have them in about five


    Waiting on a pair and ETA is early September..Patience is a virtue...sometimes...

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    I'm holding off on the new colors..   I just hope and pray they make my size...  9 XWIDE...

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    I am waiting until the end of the year to order another pair of DNA.  Will have to settle for some awesome new Icon's I am ordering in the mean time.  


    Chris H.
    I'm holding off on the new colors..   I just hope and pray they make my size...  9 XWIDE...

    Cross my fingers for you, that, they only make three colors in your size in DNA...White/Off White, White/Navy, Black//Grey.....bummer:-)

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    What new colors are they coming out with? And when is it projected to happen?
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    Thanks Chuck for the vote of confidence..  haha..   May have to shave off the side of my feet so i can fit in them!  i refuse to wear anything else...

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    I ordered a pair of BOA DNA's in mid June through my course and was told they were backordered through August.   Got them 2 weeks later.  

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    I just bought a pair of the White / Blue at Dick's on Saturday.  They had them on the shelves.  BTW the best golf shoe I have ever owned.  If you do not have a pair you are missing out.  All they say is true, it is not hype.  They are super comfortable, feel like a pair of slippers, but are rock steady onthe course.

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    When DNA first came out they were avaliable in Black with the BOA system. I can't seem to find these and have been searching. Any help FJ Community. I only need one pair of 8 M. Is there any talk about FJ expanding their BOA options? I absolutely LOVE that lacing system. A few times on the course I'll retighten, seldom loosen, with ease.

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    I just bought a pair last week, 20% off at this golf store..  Couldn't pass it up...  New Icon and now new DNA..  Life is good...