Nine out of nine wearing FJs


    I play in a weekly men's league each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday....we are commonly know at the course as The Little Rascals II......what a fun name for a bunch of retirees....anyhow, today as the last two groups were on the first tee talking I happened to notice that all nine players were wearing  FootJoys....our fivesome was last and none of us had on the same style......

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    After so many years wearing FJ I have no reason to stray.

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    Dang Chuck you seem to be the trend setter in your group. I bet if you wore a [air of the "colorful" FJ socks within a month the rest of the Little Rascals would be sporting them.

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    Pretty cool Chuck!!!


    Nice observation, CZ.  Haven't got my usual group to quite that level yet, but the majority do wear FJ most of the time.  I'll have to keep my eyes open to see if we ever approach the level of the "Little Rascals."


    Nice group Chuck, sounds like they have the right kind of style.


    Hope you're on commission CZ!


    Hope you're on commission CZ!

    What 'cha think, Chris, the check in the mail....wrong question........FJ is the ONLY shoes that our Pro carrys....have three  members that belong to the community and one is an Ambassador.......trying to get the other two to be more works in our proshop and the other works for Pro Golf Discount.....told them the other day they need to place an oder with their FJ rep.....low on shirts and shoes........for a muni, they do an excellent business in FJ......Little Rascals II.......Little Rascals belong at the Country Club of Charleston and we could not want to upset them.....that is how the name came about......members from here came to the muni and started another group.....interesting.......


    "members from here came to the muni and started another group.....interesting......" should have read: members from there came to the Muni......Country Club of Charleston (1786), Yeaman Hall (1925) , and the Muni (1929) are the three oldest in Charleston......fat fingers again.....

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    I am slowly helping my course professionals switch to the FJ brand.  One is a swoosh guy and one just gets whatever is cheapest.  But three of five have been converted.  Since I converted the Head Pro, maybe he will make it mandatory that we all have to wear FJ footwear.  Think I will make that call right now.  hahahahaha


    That's great to hear Chuck... awesome!

    It must have been a FootJoy weekend... last Sunday, 8 of us showed up and had to make a ball toss to divi the group.  We made lots of games... on the tee, I noticed in my group had FJ ICON Wing Tip #52276, FJ ICON Traditional Saddle #52005, FJ ICON Traditional Saddle #52217, and I was in MyJoys Pyramid, khaki base, purple tortoise saddle, black snake saddle with my new purple FJ shirt.  Then I look at the other group who are teeing it and I see 2 DNAs, and two FJ Contour Casuals!

    It's fun to be in the FootJoy group!

    PS- FJ ICON Wing Tip #52276 had a hole in one on #6 (even the group ahead saw it) and shot 66!  (ahh... nu-nu .. nu-nu .. nu-nu!)  LOL


    Noel, my regular playing partner who normally wears D.N.A.s cut us real bad on Monday.....7 birdies and 11 round for him.....must be something to those shoes......that was David who played with Bob and I last I had 3 birdies and my evil twin showed up and we finished with an 82......maybe I need to change styles.......but afterall "tomorrow is just another day"....same time 8:22am same game.....every M,W,F.....skins and closet to the is such a fun game.....and FJ keeps us fresh and lookin' good....

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    Thankfully my home course and the other I frequent most often have been FJ/Titleist clubs for a couple years. Both left the swoosh behind a couple years ago.

    Both are the best at what they do so why sell any other as your main brand ?


    I believe that both the GM and the head pro are on staff and get an allowance from FJ.......know that they wear performance pants, shirts and shop shoes.......I do remind them every now and then that they are getting low in stock and that displays sell.......

    Yes, it is, Chuck... and congrats to your buddy, David for shooting a career round, 65! My goodness, that's lights out!