NCAA Shoe count


    Does FootJoy do any shoe count for the NCAA's.  Curious to find out the percentage of FJ shoes on these kids.  Golf Channel coverage pretty much showed only FJ products.  I guess the top college players know quality.


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    Smart kids.  My alma mater is a swoosh school, which is disappointing since I'll never be able to get MyJoys with the logo.  Pitt doesn't even have a golf team.  


    Saw a great deal of FJ out there. But a couple competitors as well depending on overall school sponsorships (i.e. Stanford).

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    I am guessing that whatever the number is would be greater if they were able to buy their own.

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    I saw a lot of FJ, some swooshie, and a couple of three stripe shoes during medalist play.  Most teams in match play final wear FJ, apart from Stanford.  


    My school is also a SWOOSH school -  good chance the coach was in FJs.


    LSU had FJ polos if I'm not mistaken.


    Wow! Not heard of this discussion before but it makes sense!  Interesting how over the years FJ remains the leader unlike other segments of the golf industry that are changing leadership...tells one the quality that FJ represents. IMHO

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    Alabama was rocking MYJOYS!!!! #1 shoe for the #1 Team in the Country!!!!!!

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    ROLL TIDE!!  Schools wear what brand they have contracts with as an exclusive.  I am sure FJ could find out how many schools they have agreements with.

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    I know several of the schools that made match play have equipment and apparel contracts with the swoosh company.  But I think golf is the one sport you can wear whatever you find most comfortable for you.  I know Oklahoma State wears Ping shirts and most wear FJ shoes.  I know several of the young OSU players really like the DNA shoe, and will be rocking them next year.