FJ Contour Replacement Insoles

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    I have been a Contour believer since their introduction. The consistent performance, comfort and support of FJ's Contours have put several pair in my golf ready-room. I do like the fit and feel of Project Ms, but need the additional support provided by the Contour series.

    That having been said, I do have one complaint: Where does a person find replacement FootJoy insoles? I walk 36 holes at least once a week and have found that changing out insoles between rounds does wonders for my enjoyment of the afternoon 18.

    Having several pairs of Contours has allowed me to carry a spare set of insoles in my bag, but I would much rather have stock replacements than rely on cannibalizing my primary shoes. I am reluctant to turn to aftermarket brands, but have to this point been unable to locate FootJoy insoles for purchase anywhere.



    We do not sell replacement insoles at retail.  What is your shoe size?

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    Heya Devin, thanks for the response.

    We do not sell replacement insoles at retail.

    Well that explains why I was unable to find them lol. My size is 10.5 wide. With eight pairs currently on hand I am able to rotate shoes after play, storing them with trees in and insoles out to allow both to breathe. The insoles are quite good, they just seem to temporarily lose a measure of cushiony comfort after prolonged use.