Affordable Footjoy options for Plantar Fasciitis


    ChuckZChris.......Good you will not regret.......Once you get those inserts, WOW.......the night splints really do work as well......ugly and akward but is a copy of the exercises the Dr gave me.....chuck  :-)

    Chuck, maybe you should have just come to see me. I'm cheaper, more fun, and all my prescriptions come in liquid form (unless in Seattle or Denver).

    Maybe, a lot more fun....Bruce.....the VA Hospital doctors took good care of me on this......are you prescriptions all 100 proof and what flavor?  Switch one pain for another......ha...ha.....

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    I got PF ten years ago when I walked 36 holes wearing a bad pair of golf shoes.  All of us that have PF know that pain.

    I tired Contour Casuals, I had to use inserts.  I am now wearing XPS-1's and these are working for me.  But I always have my inserts ready.  IMO take the inserts with you when trying new shoes on, you may need a larger size as the inserts take up some space.