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Narrow Foot, Models That work?


    Like many of us on this website I have a foot that is unique and in my case I have a narrow foot that is long (14-B).  That being said, that might be one reason the BOA is such a great shoe for me since I can wear Medium and Narrow Widths comfortably.  However, clearly the MyJoy.com Narrow width models are best since the Medium Width stretches out too much after a few rounds of walking the course.

    Thus, any thoughts which OFF The Rack Standard Models in a size 14 might work better than others? Currently, I am ordering mostly from MyJoys.com to get narrow widths but I used to wear the Rex Last in the old FJ Classics and I am not certain if any of the new lasts might work without going through MyJoy.com?

    Thanks for your input!


    I'm not sure exactly what width my foot is, but I know I have a narrow foot.  When I was much younger, it was an A.  I know it has widened some since then, so I'm probably a B or C.  I personally like the feel of the Icon in M width.  I can tell it's on the wider side for me, but not too much that it's a problem.  I need to try a N shoe sometime just to see how it feels.


    My experience has been that the N width in the ICON fits me perfect...especially with the BOA feature.  I have Icon Shields in 14 N and they fit well additionally however I prefer the BOA feature.  That being said, the Icon 14 M does seem to stretch out slightly over time, initially it works the first couple of rounds for my foot...Thanks for the input!

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    I too take a narrow size. I have found the Icon's and DJ are the best. I have the sports but they are not as narrow to me (even in the narrow size). I am hoping the DNA's when I get my hands on a pair are the same as the Icon's and DJ's. Not sure if any of this helps....