The City rocks and looks great with shorts !


    tdogg21, you are styling! I like it :)


    Randy, your life's work is complete. Congrats haha

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    Love the window-pane shorts. Very stylish!




    My walking review,

    I really like the shoes, they look really good with shorts. I wore them walking the whole round and they were everything you would expect from Footjoy. A top notch shoe, classy and comfortable. My playing partners  did not know about them, but I shared with them what I knew and liked  about them. I walked a very hilly course and had no slipping and my feet felt great the entire round. I wore the shoes right out of the box and had no issue's whatsoever. I have found for me there is no break in time needed, Footjoy's fit great and play right the first time out.

    Thanks Footjoy for another great shoe, The Footjoy city !