Converted a swoosher!

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    So it finally hit the 60's yesterday and I was able to get out with an old buddy to get 18 in.   He was wearing the new TW14 (I think) shoes and I was giving him *** on how ugly the are and how uncomfortable they must be.  He stood behind them pretty well and seemed to like them.  Well we wear the same size and for the back I traded him for my DNA's.  Needless to say I think he will be converting over to FJ in the very near future.  And for the record, I will never wear a pair of swooshes again.....


    Way to bring somebody over from the dark side and show them the light!  


    Way to take one for the team. I hope no one had a camera.


    I don't know if I would let someone's foot into my FJs after being in a swoosh...haha. Nice work.


    Nothing feels better than a swoosher or a striper conversions!

    Way to work it.


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    You showed good judgement by not letting your pal conning you into an even swap.


    Very clever Dirt! You should get a commission check.


    Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want someone else's sweaty feet in my shoes...but kudos to you for converting him!

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    Let there be light.


    nice call, good job !

    Dirt, where are you playing that it's 60 already ? must be nice, enjoy the DNA's

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    Commission checks are very welcome!!    I am in northwest Illinois right along the Mississippi river.  Getting to the 50's & 60's in the afternoon, and 20's in the morning.   Crazy...

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    Now there is a true team player, willing to let the swoosh even come near your foot to convince another of the superiority of FJ is a sacrifice, well done  !!

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    Well done!  And that's the way to do it.  Even if you have to take one for the team.  Instead of just showing them, let them try the shoes out!

    I have yet to be able to get my wife into FJ's.  She's just not quite found a shoe she likes.  I try every season though and she hemmed and hawed a little more this year as she tried some M:Projects.  Not yet though :(


    Great story!  Would love to hear his feedback on the comparison.  Would be a great testimonial