DNA question


    Welcome Urbansoulboy! Great community here, glad you've joined us. Enjoy those DNAs!


    Welcome to the FJC mk. Every new product has a few problems. FJ takes extra care to prevent problems in their new product releases yet, it still happens. I know a couple of players that have experienced spikes falling out of their DNA's and I advised them to contact FJ. You can always count on FJ to do what it takes to handle any and all issues.

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    Welcome Urbansoulboy!

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    I bought 2 pair of white DNAs
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    I don't think this is fair.  Perhaps you didn't make sure they were tight before putting them on?  i bought DNA's in May, worn them 3 times per weeks since and never lost a spike.  Only casualty is two prongs off one spike broke off this past weekend.

    FJ Customer Service is is outstanding, contact them if you are having issues.