Chesson Hadley - XPS


    Great win this week for Chesson.  I love the fact he was wearing a MyJoy XPS.  I think this are the most stable shoe in golf.  These are certainly my favorite, although I must admit I have not yet played a round in my new DNA's.  The fact that the XPS's are now in the MyJoy line up give you tons of choices to make up your own special shoe.

    I would love to win this weeks segment of FJ wins, You win!!

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    Agreed.  XPS-1 is my favorite shoe.  I have the original generation.  Just awaiting permission from She Who Must Be Obeyed to snag the MyJoys.  Currently, I'm still in the "eye roll" phase when the subject comes up.


    It is always easier to ask for forgivness after you have them in hand.  Maybe pick out a color that suits her eye, or have her initials placed on the shoes as a token to her.....Good Luck with that one....

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    The guy has a great sense of humor and a solid game as well , lot's of young, talented 20 somethings on tour. Hope he has a nice career for himself.

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    I love my XPS-1's.  I see them in the MyJoy section, I just wish they were available in the regular FJ shoe lineup.


    This contest is the first I have ever seen with the Myjoys to the winner of the Footjoys wins contest. Should be cool hope the winner post some pics !


    I love the name Chesson.....and that finger pop.....something new and high energy......gonna love following this guy.....saw him in an earlier tournament and he is a gamer......nice shoes........ :-)

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    Wait til you feel the DNA's on the course!!  You will change your mind in a hurry.  After 30 years of wearing FJ's they are the best I have ever worn, Although I still wear my Classics from 1986 every once in a while.