Golf cowboy boots?


    Well, the folks over at Justin Boots have also jumped into the golf shoe -- and boot -- market. And by boots I mean Western boots, not the ankle boots we've seen before. 

    Any of you Western boot fans know that Justin makes super high quality leather boots. I don't think Justin Golf will ever be a huge presence in the golf shoe market since they are priced around from $400 to $850, but you have to admire the leathers they use. On the other hand -- Western golf boots? Seriously? 

    Here's one of the boots:

    You can see the rest at


    No thank you!!!!

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    Wow!!!! I guess they may be a hit in Texas, but not where I live. When will the madness stop?

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    Not my cup of tea, but interesting idea.  They know they're very niche and catering to it.  


    Nice boots, but they do not need to be at a golf course.


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    Wow....   Thats really all I have right now, wow.....


    Prefect for show, but not putting for dough!


    Really? Another example of the inmates running the asylum. Pretty sure even those in Texas wouldn't fly these....

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    As a Texan, I can say no way to the golf boots.  I can't really believe somebody would actually produce something like this.  How this got from the drawing board to the production house is a wonder to me.


    You got to be kidding.....  How about it Mark?  Think these will be a big seller in Texas.......

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    These are a joke and why does a company waste the leather on such a "golf shoe"? maybe all they did was screw in some cleats.  Cannot see these selling many pairs.  


    Those are great can go from the rodeo to the fairway without having to change shoes.  On a serious note, I don't think it would be very comfortable to walk 18 holes in those.


    If JR were alive, I believe he would have a


    Just think of the tan lines during the summer with those bad boys! I think I will pass.


    Now if they had metal spikes they would be great in a bar fight.