Need really comfortable shoes for 2014

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    What are everyones suggestions on the most comfortable models in the FJ line right now?  I am looking for a new pair soon.


    What are everyones suggestions on the most comfortable models in the FJ line right now?  I am looking for a new pair soon.

    It depends what you define as comfortable? Some people like soft, some like firm, some light some heavier. In my opinion, the shoe we are revealing in the middle of this week is the most comfortable shoe in our line by far.


    If you want to feel like youre wearing feathers on your feet... Try the M series!

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    I have both DryJoy Tour (2) and a Contour series. I found the Contour more comfortable/flexible (softer) right out of the box. I haven't weighted them, but the Contour seems a bit lighter. The DryJoys took several wearings to "break in". I just purchased a new pair of DryJoys, but haven't had a chance (and can't wait) to wear them on the course.


    I agree the M Series are very light and comfortable!  The sports are light as well as might be the as comfortable shoes to offer stability, traction and some weight but not too much.


    Such a broad set of answers here.

    Do you walk? Do you have a fast swing? These and more are the basis for deciding what is the most comfortable shoe for YOU!

    I wear Icons, and I find them to be incredibly comfortable. Everyone here has their favorites and can give you spot on advice. But your feet and your head will tell you what is most comfy for you.

    Good luck.


    To be honest, they are all very comfortable, but as Randy mentions above, most of the choices will dedpend on what you are looking for from each of the shoes you choose.  

    If you have been watching, you would have seen some peices of the new shoe to be released shortly.  I can tell you first hand you will love these.  Hint, you may have seen these in play as early as last years President's Cup.  If you watch any golf recently, and you look for some FJ Ambassadors, you would have seen these there too.

    Good Luck

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    IMO, the M project mesh is my most comfortable shoe I currently wear.   Very very anxious to get my hands on the new model that comes out soon though.  

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    Just get one of each pair in the lineup.  Then you can properly test each one out thoroughly.  I suspect at the end of the day you'll find a favorite, but also realize that they're all going to be pretty darn comfortable!

    Personally I prefer my M:Projects.  But I have a pair of ICONs and a pair of DryJoys Tours.  Love em all.


    I would suggest thinking about what it is you're looking for in a shoe (lightweight, stability), how you play (walk or ride?  wet or dry conditions), and what style you like (traditional, modern, or sporty).  After you answer those questions, you should be able to narrow down search.  All of the Foot Joy shoes are comfortable, but if you narrow your search, you'll be much happier.


    I have worn FootJoys since I started playing golf in 1985 and I am a walker.  I am very pleased with the Contours and DryJoy Tours.  Out of the box and to the course for me.  These are all around great shoes for me and would be my recommendation but again, it is about personal choices....  :-)

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    DNA all the way.  Can't go wrong with this new offering.

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    without even trying on a pair but based on assorted things I have read on the site I would say the just introduced DNA would be my suggestion.