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    Just received new FJ Icons for bday.  These shoes are awesome.  I can't wait to sport these babies on the first tee.  

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    Great shoe. You will want more. Hard to live with just one pair.


    You know the rules about posting pictures of your new shoes, right? Post them under 2014 New Shoes please.


    Welcome to the club Eric! Keep them clean and always use shoe trees and they will last you well. Feel free to join in the conversations here and welcome again.


    Welcome, Eric R!

    As you can tell, we're all very excited for you and your new Icons.

    Cheers- play well in them!

    Yes, please share us a picture in the 2014 New Shoes!



    I, too, would like to welcome Eric R aboard the Forum.  Lots of interesting and informative individuals on here, eric.  Stick around and you'll learn a lot about FJ, golf, and people.  And don't forget to post that picture on the 2014 New Shoes thread.

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    welcome Eric.  Icons are a great shoe as are FJ in general.  Icons have become my shoe of choice but also like the DryJoys Tour line.   I hope you post a pic on New shoes 2014 page.