New Shoes in Hawaii?


    Are those the new shoe that Duff is wearing today in Hawaii?  Or are they the MyJoys XPS-1s?  Haven't gotten a good, close look yet.

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    MyJoys XPS-1. I see the DNAs are aplenty also. But Jordan Spieth is now sporting Under Armor shoes.

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    Check out Adam Scott. I saw him wearing a pair of prototype shoes when he won on the Gold Coast in oz early November. Leishman had a pair as well. Looked like the new model they are teasing us with with the dip fe ads. Look amazing !


    The big boys get to try them out before they are released to those of us who have to pay for them.......seems fair.....somebody's gotta do it......

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    I liked Duff's.


    Duff switches his shoes around for some reason, not sure why. He will go from XPSs to ICONs and I believe I have seen him wear DryJoys as well.

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    Those were MYJOY XPS-1's, it looks like more and more guys on tour are going with the myjoys to match their outfits.  Zach Johnson wore a different pair everyday last week!


    Duff's shoes are the MyJoy XPS' Mikey says he switches between Icons and XPS...he seems to play better in the XPS's in my he's less likely to complain about them as he's been caught saying in the past...