New Prototype in the works!


    Saw a few pictures on twitter and I was one of the lucky ones that received this box.  It's 1 of 5.

    Looks like FJ is taking it to the next level!  The foam collar looks legit.  The comfort feature already has me hooked.  Can't wait to see more!


    Awesome!  Bummed I didn't make the cut, but excited to see what you guys get next.


    "Five easy pieces" you eventually get the whole shoe......some new for the spring, I suppose........please keep us informed.....luck guy.....

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    Cool to get to see the components of the shoe "hands on".  Great way to introduce a new product FJ!

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    I tested the shoe at The FJ shoe box.  All I can say is AWESOME.

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    I think the Synrgy a few years back had a foam collar.  I think it is a great idea.  Did the box include a new pair of shoes as well, lucky ones.  


    I wear 10.5's for next time. shoes look awesome. these are what Adam Scott has been wearing correct ?

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    Is that the new DNA series coming out?  I have seen them in the new catalog, but I want to see them first hand before I get several pairs.  And the whole wrong size thing is very true.  I have been wearing the wrong size for a year now, and the correct size fits that much better.  Hope you enjoy those boxes, and post up pics when you can.  We all want to live vicariously through you.  


    Definitely a cool way to introduce a new shoe.  Sounds like a real gamechanger and a shoe that has alot of style and innovation baked into one!

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    I look forward to finding out more about this.

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    Wow - that is awesome!  I also look forward to finding out more!

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    Awesome. Footjoy is always a step a head in innovation. Just watched the video. Looks like the cushion conforms and holds the heel from slipping as well as molding to the ankle. Can't wait to try a pair on. Hopefully, justinu3 gets the shoes to go with.

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    Great buildup/promotional activity for this mystery shoe!

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    Great buildup/promotional activity for this mystery shoe!

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    I am looking forward to the new foam collar. I think it will make the shoe more comfortable.