2014 FJ Shoes


    i think you're seeing more people in my age range (30-40) who were forced to wear saddle shoes in all those pictures as little kids.  so for me, I grew up thinking black and white saddle shoes were "uncool."  I have had a couple of different "saddle" shoes in my golf life, but never the "standard" black and white.  They have all had some extra style (for example, pyramids).  As my kids grow, when they are my age, they might not like shield tips and saddles might be in style.  I guess that's fashion.  Constantly changing, but always staying the same.


    Guess I am a classic "old ***"  Love to sport the Icon black/white saddles.  Still waiting to order some spike less in the bomber/brown caiman saddle.



    ChuckZGuess I had better take good care of my tour brown/white and black/white saddles, at least until they come out and demand.......

    Chuck, you can always go the MyJoys route and get exactly what you want.

    Yeah, I can, but I have been called frugal by many of my friends.....I so love the saddle oxfords and I love to play with the design of the MyJoys and come up with a lot of combinations and when it comes time to pull out the debit card for my golf account.....I say: do I really need another pair.....when you are retired, you have to question your decisions at this time I am going the replacement route with my shoes.....trying to keep about ten-12 pair on a rotation basis......I do take good care of my shoes and they last a bit.....

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    I like the old style white with colored saddle shoes.  but I am old and those remind me of my dad.  But some of the new FJ offerings have peeked my interest and I will be adding them to my closet of awesomeness in the spring.


    If you are a 10.5 D size - I have about 23 pair of Classics version looking for a good home.  Has been over year and half since I've had a classic on.

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    Mary is very fashionable clotheswise. Letizia has the best shoes. Many people don't like them, but they are fashion forward.