New Icons

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    My birthday is coming up and I can't wait for my new Icons. Have them picked out already.


    Well, we're waiting!


    Post a photo!

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    Hi Bill and welcome to the FJC.  Any details of the style, colours, etc? Enjoy'em.


    Bill, are you getting off the shelf Icons or MyJoys?  Don't forget, whichever they are, to post a photo on the 2013 New Shoes thread.  By the way, welcome to the Forum.  Hope you find it enjoyable enough to stick around.

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    This post is invalid without pictures!  Which ones did you get?


    3 days and no picture post!  C'Mon maaaaaaan


    Have you seen my baseball??



    I'm waiting for new DNA's!

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    Going to the Shoe Box next week to test new shoes...four new shoes....You know there won't be any photos allowed but.....I'll try to squeeze out some details about 2014 offerings....


    Oh, sweet. . .

    I know how it feels, Bill Malek!

    It shall be a glorious day when you take them out for a round.

    Hope to see a picture of it- post one on this thread if you get a chance.