ICONS vs DryJoy Tours


    I have been a fan of DryJoy Tours for quite a while.  Love the fit, take them out of the box, put them on and walk 18 holes.  Wore Contours prior to that and DryJoys prior to that, same, same.....  I recently purchased my first  pair of ICONS and wore them for the first time today.  I noticed that the fit was a bit tighter than the other three styles.  I have been wearing FJ shoes for many years and noticed that the ICON toe appears to be a bit more tappered than the Tours.  Guess the ICONS will require a breakin period.  Glad I was riding a cart.  This is the first time I have experienced this with a pair of FJs.  I wear a 12W and not a fan of tappered shoes.  Are my bifocals failing me......


    Through the toe area, ICON should fit little more narrow then the Contours and DryJoys you are used to.  They will stretch out after some use so do not despair just yet!


    That's unlike an ICON. I toss mine on and walk away.  My DJT's felt a bit stiffer than my icons at first, but now they're just as comfortable. I'd say give them another shot. They're both fine shoes.

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    Based on Devin's comment about narrower in toe -- do those who use both DJT and icons purchase the same size in both models?  Or do I need to consider two different sizes if I opt to go with Icons vs DJT's?  Probably is a separate topic but hopefully an answer will come from this one.  

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    i love the Icons.


    When I looked down at them they did appear a bit more the shoe......normally buy Cole Hann dress shoes and they fit the same and there is a breakin period.....will never give up on FJ shoes.....have always worn nothing but good shoes and was just curious......I will wear foot is wide to the toes....ha...ha.....I think that the Tour might be the better shoe for me......the ICON is a very nice shoe....this is my first pair......the will absolutely get more chances.....thanks guys.....

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    Hi Chuck, I agree that when I look down my Icons definitely look narrower than my DryJoy's and Tours. That said, my first wear for my new ones was in a tournament and had no issues walking the 18.


    Over the weekend I tried on the Icons and DryJoy Tours back to back and spent time in the store walking around in both.  The fit on the icons was a just a little more snug right out of the box, especially in the toe.  I tried on several different pairs of the same model / size to make sure the fit was consistent.  I'm sure the guy working there thought I was crazy going through so many different shoes and actually hanging out and walking around in each pair.  At the end of the day, the same size felt pretty consistent across the lines.  Based on what Devin indicated above, any tightness in the Icons should resolve as they break in.  I just got the Icons but they feel great in the use I have had already.


    I find that it depends on the specific shoe style, rather than the line.  For example, to me the sport toe (or bicycle toe) styles fit tighter than the saddle style.  My old wave Icons are definitely tighter across the toes than the Icon saddles. Depends on your foot, I think.  I'm finding that in some styles, I need a wide, rather than a medium width shoe.



    You are not wrong, The ICON saddle does feature a slightly wider last than that of the other models of ICON.


    With them being a softer leather I am sure that they will breakin rather quickly.......thanks for all the positive reenforcement.....good shoes always do give and conform to the persons foot......FJs forever.....  : )

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    fjs forever, indeed!