New DryJoys Casual


    I had a chance to visit with a FootJoy rep last week -  took a close look at the DryJoy Tour Casual (don't worry look at a lot of other items also - especially one of the April offerings.

    TNT save a little - there's a pair in there for you.  


    Love my DryJoy Tours.....are there some new lines coming out.......


    I'm always on the hunt for good stuff... I'll take a gander!

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    I am very traditional when it comes to footwear. I was looking at them and the first thing i thought was  a shoe with a tennis shoe sole. I guess I will have to see a pair in person to know for sure.


    Interesting looking shoe. Not a style I would wear to play in, but they may be good for the lesson tee!


    I like a more traditional shoe to play in. I think these would be great to wear while practiceing short game and putting

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    I am a big fan of the spikeless shoes these will for sure be in the trunk soon


    While I'm a traditionalist I'm very intrigued by the DJ Casual.  Definitely a shoe I'm going to trial as I love anything with the DryJoys name!

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    I am unsure how I feel.  I too will need to see it in person.  I *think* I like them!