Quick Poll: Which style of shoe??


    Justin, I've been having the same internal discussion with myself recently.  I'm leaning toward the stingrays, only because I have found them for a significantly lower price than the caimans.  Wear your new Icons in good health, my friend.


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    For me I'd go with number 2 -  there a little thing with number 1 that I don't like.

    Elaboration please ...

    Does this mean there is one model you have not gone for ???


    Well I just ordered the stingray.  Might go back for the asym but at 99.99 couldn't resist!  :-)  Makes for Icon #3, looks like I'm moving more to Icons!

    3 Icons

    2 DryJoys Tours

    1 Sport

    1 M:Project

    Justin, I can very much appreciate that burning feeling when a new purchase of icons approaches ... but only waiting four hours for comments/thoughts of the FJC is a little extreme.

    Was gonna say like a few others that either one would be a great choice and maybe even to that great catch all ... "if you're not sure, get 'em both"

    However I have recently just purchased a pair each of these (all black wave & white/black Aysym # 2 - pics coming) and IMHO both look absolutely fantastic but if I had to decide would give the edge to Aysym # 2.

    But I can promise you that you will not be disappointed with your selection and it's a;ways nice to see another convert to the Icon stable ... (no denigration to the other style intended of course).


    #2 would be my choice, I also like your brown dryjoys tours though :)




    I have both.  It is like choosing between best friends, but I love the stingray... You will be great either way Justin.


    #2 Caiman


    ..... So the decision?????




    Enjoy em!

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    I cant disagree with your choice - I picked up the Stingrays about a month and a half back also :)