M Project feedback please

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    Hello all,

    I am seriously considering picking up a pair of the spikeless, mesh (?) M Projects for the summer here in Phoenix. I was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback for me. How do they perform? How do they wear? HAs anyone had any experience with them, either positive or negative?

    Thanks in advance,



    Hey T-***!

    Check out this M Project thread:

    There are some cool discussion in it that might be of help to you.  Some of my questions were answered by folks who have posted.

    Hope you get good golf weather this weekend to play in.



    You could also check on the 2013 New Shoe Rule thread at:  Some of us who've purchased and worn MProjects have included comments about fit and comfort there, as well.


    Great shoes... light, supportive and very comfortable.  Get a pair,  you won't be sorry.


    Lightweight masterpiece!

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    Thanks for the info. I will check out the links.

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    I love my M:Projects (mine are spiked and non-mesh).  They're light, comfortable and I feel like I keep really solid contact with the ground.

    The first 18 holes I wore them for I didn't even really notice they were there!

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    I tried on a pair as part of my shoe testing at FJ HQ in Brockton, MA. I liked them. Not much structural rigidity (that;'s the point)but very comfortable and perfect for long walks in the rough where I spend far too much time...!!!


    Great light weight construction. They provide a true feel of the ground. I have 3 pairs, 1 spiked and 2 spikeless. You will not be disappointed.

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    I just purchased a pair of M Project's and wore them for the first time today.  These shoes are amazing!  If I could have only one pair of golf shoes, these would probably be the pair to own.  


    I wore my M Project, spikeless for the first time today, They are so lightweight it felt like I wasn't wearing shoes, but they had lots of support and stability.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I pulled the trigger and I am having a pair of the white mesh ones transferred to a store by my house. Hopefully, they will be there tomorrow and I will be able to hit some balls in them. If they are there early enough, I may just play. It hit 100 here this week and I am ready to give them a shot.