New inserts/insoles?


    I noticed my feet grow tired sometimes as the round moves into the back nine, I know I know...stop laughing at the getting older jokes!  But seriously,  Has anyone experimented with SuperFeet Orange Inserts? or anorther brand?  I have done this with my other sports shoes and it has made a huge difference.

    I love my FJ's and would enjoy a bit more cushion and orthotic feel to support my arches...


    I use them with my running shoes and tried them with the golf shoes but I (feet) think the stock FootJoy Inserts work better with the golf shoes.

    But you should give it a try it might make a difference for you.


    I think it would be good to try, but not sure how the inserts would really fit into the shoe.  Maybe an idea to start selling replacement inserts for the FJ lines.

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    I've used a variety of inserts for my snowboard boots just for the arch support.  I find however that I don't have a need for them in golf shoes.  IMO you really can't lose by giving them a try.  Get the trimmable variety and you'll be able to make sure you have a perfect fit.


    finding an insert that is comfortable and fits into the shoe is tricky...I have found that the more cushiony running shoe inserts fit inside without a problem and make a long round comfortable...

    give em a try...