"Look at all those shoes!"


    So on Saturday I was out at the course playing my round. After I finished, I had dropped off my bag by my car and left the trunk open while I went to return the cart to the garage.

    I was standing there talking with one of the young Players Assistance guys, when a young kid and his dad were walking by the back of my car. The Dad stops his son and says, "Josh, Look at all the shoes this guy has in his trunk!" They're standing there staring into my trunk...

    So I walked over and asked them what was up, and the guy wanted to know why there were so many shoes? I just told him I needed to have a different pair for each round and each outfit. The kid looks at his Dad and says, "This guy is cool!"

    It's good to be me!

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    Wish I had that problem Tar Heel....most people say Hey why dont you clean your car out lol impressive collection you are acquiring


    Randy, aka - Cool Guy.....Show us your Trunk !


    Out of curiosity, how many pairs do you keep in your trunk, Randy?  I coordinate my shoes with my outfit the night before playing and just take the one pair with me, leaving the rest at home.

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    Now there is a kid who understands that a "gentleman's game"  requires dressing like a gentleman.  A clothes horse has to be properly shod! Indeed Tar Heel, it is good to be you...


    Just how many pairs of shoes did they see in your trunk?  That is a good story though Randy.  Were you able to officially turn those two onto FJ?

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    HAHAHAHAHAHA Great story, thanks for sharing.  That kid will be part of this community someday and share the same story from his perspective as the reason he got started.


    Randy - we know you are cool.

    Let's hope he doesn't get a look at the Hokies shoe collection.


    My guess is that he asked his Dad on the ride home "how many pairs can I order Dad?"  

    Great Story Randy...


    Good follow ups folks! And Bobby, I know for you this translates into your garage! You sir would have made these two go into convulsions!

    To address the questions..... I currently have 10 pairs in my trunk, the majority nestled in their boxes, all stacked neatly in the trunk. I have 4 pairs in some FJ Shoe bags and my FJ Shoulder bag.

    Why? Well since I came out to SoCal I've been living in temporary housing, so I really don't have space for all my work clothes AND golfing attire, including all the shoes. So I keep my golfing shoes, hats, and SC Putter Covers stored in my trunk. This way my golf gear is "contained" so I don't misplace it, or worse yet, have it disappear from my temporary quarters.

    If I have some time I'll snap a photo this evening.....


    10 Pairs in the trunk ? what kind of vehicle hold 10 pair and your clubs ? Wow


    For those of you wondering.... 10 pairs of FJ Icons in the trunk (the Contour Casuals holds a pair that I sadly threw the box away). Bag full of SC putter covers. Crush proof holder for all my hats.

    If I move my car care gear I have room for at least 3 more pairs........ And yes, my staff bag still fits in as well.  


    Now that is a trunk to be proud of my friend!


    I spy the pink ones.  Those are really special.


    Shaun my friend.... I see you now have a new avitar. Well done. You need to come out here so I can use your new driver!

    Bobby, I'm wearing the PINK ASYMS on Sunday. Will post up some pictures of my "How to wear Pink" with my Captiva gear..... Also my friend, If we combined our collections I'm pretty sure we only have 3-4 pairs of shoes that overlap. We could combine for the UBER- Icon Collection of shoes.