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Speith attitude

Speith attitude

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    watched Morning drive this AM and they had a lively discussion about Speith and his on course behavior/attitude.  I did not see it but did he really bury his club head in the turf on number 10 yesterday. Some say he needs to cool it and act more professional.  Personally I did notice his emotions and gestures when he hit bad shots, to me he seemed to be signaling to Bubba that he was defeated at times.  


    He wouldn't be the first pro to get upset at a shot and put a dent in the fairway (I saw someone else do it on Thursday, I just forget who).  These guys are playing to win and I love to see them get upset when they don't execute.  They should be upset, they should also have a personality.  It's not like he's out there trying to hurt the course and I wouldn't condone it if it happened all of the time.  But you're talking Sunday, in contention .. at the Master's.  

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    I watched his round in it's entirety as he and Bubba were a featured paring on Direct Tv,  No CBS hype just their group. Under the circumstances he might  not have been perfect  but he certainly didn't harm himself.

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    While I don't condone it, I'd be shocked if each and every FJC member hadn't done the same at one time or another.

    In contrast, I much prefer Spieth's behavior to Tiger swearing repeatedly on an open mike.


    Personally, I feel that is what is holding him back.  He seems to let his emotions get the best of him some times.  It's alright to get upset if you don't let it negatively affect your next shot.


    He is young, he will figure it out.


    I saw it and I didn't see a problem with it, he is an emotional guy. He has said several times that he plays with emotion and he is going to talk to himself and use whatever body language he wants on the course, that's the way he plays. It would be different if he was in denial, he knows he acts that way. I think the behavior will decrease as we matures but worse things have happened on a course than him burying his club.


    I find this conversation interesting. There are lots of golfers who show their emotions, each one differently. Phil let out his famous "I am such an idiot" line. Then there is a certain other golfer who has been subjected to the "7 second delay" because of his profanity.

    The point is, the kids 20 years old. He will figure it out and learn. Who among us isn't a far wiser person today than when we were 20?


    If he showed no emotion we would be on his case also.  Yes he is a 20 year old and he does not have the experience to be a robot like so many out there.  By 10 he could feel it slipping away.  There just had been a 4 shot swing the past 2 holes.  He was hitting his shots out to the right, was it pressure? You bet he was feeling the heat.


    I have no problem with it either, he was leading his first masters he ever played in almost half way through the last round.  I would be mad if I felt it slipping away also.    


    He is 20, a nice kid, from a good family.

    Playing in the greatest golf tournament in the world under the spotlights and scrutiny. No pressure young man just hit it like no one was there.

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    He didn't go crazy  drop kicking or throwing his club and he is not out there cussing, so it's really not an issue. A lot of guys drop the club  when they fan a shot. It is not going to help his game any but as long as that's as bad as it gets I do not see it being a problem.

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    I, and probably most of you watched the Arnie three part special on the Golf Channel.  He was and still is a very demonstrative guy, showing emotions on both good shots and bad shots.  I did not see him slam a club, but I would put good money on it that he did somewhere in his playing time.  I am not compring Speith to Arnie, just that emotions in us all and will come out.

    So he slammed his club, big deal.  I have done it and most of you have done it on occasion.  We all know it is not the right thing to do and most of us immediately regret acting this way.  Golf is a very frustrating endeavor, one that we will never concur.  It is filled with emotions both good and bad; highs and lows abound with this wonderful game.

    At 20 I did all kinds of stupid things some that I wished I could take back, but that is a part of growing up and maturing.  He is a very well rounded and polite young man, young being the operative word in the sentence.

    He will learn as we all did.


    I'm really sick of him flinging clubs around.  I really want to like him but he goes from great hole out from sand to flipping clubs and pouting.  

    I think you can have emotion without looking like a jack wagon.  Agree with Tim D on this is whats holding him back.  He needs some self control to take things to the next level.  I don't mean Dufner coma self control... ;-)

    Just my opinion.  It seems there are half that are going to chastise him and the other half are going to say "ah no problem".


    He didn't go crazy  drop kicking or throwing his club and he is not out there cussing, so it's really not an issue. A lot of guys drop the club  when they fan a shot. It is not going to help his game any but as long as that's as bad as it gets I do not see it being a problem.

    I have no issue with what he did or how he acted.  But my issue is with how frequent it happens.  He seems to get instantly upset after a bad shot even if it's his first bad shot of the round.  I don't think less of him or think he's a poor role model (unlike some others on tour), but I think it's something that will hinder him going forward.  Can he win majors acting like that?  Of course!  But those actions aren't helping him.