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Should Furyk Turn Over His 59 Clubs?

Should Furyk Turn Over His 59 Clubs?


    When Luke Donald set the course record of 61 at Conway farms he turned his clubs over his clubs for display.  Will Jim follow suit and do the same?  Should he?  If his clubs should go anywhere, I think they should go into the Hall of Fame.  What say you......  cz  : )


    I would wait until I got a replacement set that I could play as well. I think he should and they should go to the Golf Hall of Fame

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    If I am playing a set of clubs that have been that good to me they are not going anywhere..at least until some bad scores start popping up.


    no.  not until he's ready to give them up.  at that point, i think he should either display them where he wants or send them to the Hall.


    I'm not giving up clubs im comfortable with and hitting well.  BUT if he has another set that he's already comfortable with, then yeah they should go in the HOF IMO.

    Otherwise - they can go in the HOF somewhere down the line.


    Like the final round of tournements when leading.....Very nice guy too bad he just can't seem to close the deal lately.  No knocking a 59 though and 1st ever to do it with a bogey on the card.


    Maybe when the mojo wears off... Then maybe!

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    I would wait until I got a new set and then send to the HoF

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    if they worked so well why turn them over untill the season is over.  also have other 59's given their clubs to the golf hall of fame?


    I would say no, wait a year or so when he is ready to replace them all then display them. I could have the exact same club in my hand, same settings etc, as one I just hit and it feels different to me. Just give it some time then they can make a display.

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    I would say no.  He should wait until he gets another set.

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    I would keep using them until their mojo is gone...then submit for display.

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    When you have sticks that you have confidence in  and are performing you don't give them up unless you have tried replacements that are better than the old tools.

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    Definitely wait at least a year.  You don't want to change clubs now and then not be able to perform.


    I can't remember a season when there were so many potential 59's. I think that the culmination of golf technology, fitness, course maintenance are making that number less meaningful. Regarding his clubs, let him keep them in his own trophy cabinet.