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Golf Viewers/Spectators

Golf Viewers/Spectators


    I am curious. How many people watch golf because of specific players or would watch regardless of who was in the field?

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    I may dedicate a little more TV time during a major or if several of the top players are playing but, I typically watch regardless of who is in the field.  

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    I definitely watch no matter who is playing, when your talking PGA or even Web.com tour level your going to see high level golf.

    I have a few favorites like Stricks ,Adam and Keegan but love to watch  these very skilled players.


    Always some excitement  when Tiger tee's it up. But i watch when the top players are in the field -- who am I kidding: I watch whenever there's coverage regardless of the field. Hoping that by some cosmic miracle ill gain some additional golf ability.

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    i like to go to tournaments to watch regardless of who was in the field. For me it's like getting some instruction. There's always something to learn from them - whether they're playing the state amateur or Major Tournament.


    I have caught myself lately following the Titleist bags......guess I am becoming more and more product loyal.....I spend a good bit with FJ/Titleist might as well support the players........I do enjoy Phil hit the unbelievable wedge shots.....what a master....do not follow Tiger.....luv the Duf and Strick......cz : )  


    Anything but the LPGA, sorry ladies.  They are ridiculously slow, the grass grows faster.  I can feel the heat already from Golfchick.


    TW and I'm watching.... But will always catch it if its on..... I love the prettier version play, love their tempos!


    i will go to a tournament regardless of who is there if i have the opportunity.  but on tv, i need to have a rooting interest.  however, there are so many players that i enjoy watching/following/rooting for, i can always find someone to watch.


    Anything but the LPGA, sorry ladies.  They are ridiculously slow, the grass grows faster.  I can feel the heat already from Golfchick.

    I enjoy watching the LPGA and have volunteered at many of their tournaments, in my area. I usually work the practice range and can't believe how smooth their swings are. I only wish.

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    I watch whatever i can besides the LPGA, way to slow for me. I will watch Big Break occasionally, the more you watch the more you learn

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    What about patrons?

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    I watch no matter who is in the field, or whoever is left after the cut. These guys really are good. I wish they would show as many 2nd/3rd shots as they do drives and putts. NCBob, as penance, you have to watch a full season of WNBA.


    I work regularly tour events....have worked the LPGA, Nationwide and PGA and they all are pretty slow.....most players are deliberate.....they have a certain time frame to setup and hit the ball and most take the time alloted.....it all depends on whether tht are playing in twos or threes.....you do have faster players on all the tours but most are very deliberate and then you have some that are just slow and push the clock......they know how to use the rules.....talk with a tour official sometime if you want the inside on slow play......VEEERY interesting.........I enjoy watching the ladies, because the have such pure swings.......I sure wish I could hit my ball like a girl......would not be playing dollar skins.....parther: "drive for show, putt for dough".......cz : )

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    I watch golf regardless of who is in the field.  I enjoy the PGA as well as LPGA -- the LPGA as someone noted have smooth swings and are not as powerful as the PGA -- still hit the ball further than I do but can learn from them as well.  I will spend more time watching the Majors than other events though.   Enjoy watching Stricker and Tiger.  Love the match play of Presidents and Ryder cups.