Well masters is close.. Who do you like?

Well masters is close.. Who do you like?

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    I'm sure there will be a lot of people guessing tiger for the win.. I'm still unsure about that prediction..

    I think bubba will have another strong showing..

    Who do you have???


    It's TW for me and can't see him out of top 10. But the field is so strong that there really are so many chances. Looking for another great Sunday back nine showdown.

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    I have to go with Tiger. I think he will be primed mentally and physically to show that he is back to winning form.


    Let's put it this way. While all the golfers are doing their best to win the big prize, I am just going to watch and let the best man win. I've tried to guess each year and found that while coming close (actually within 3 places of the winner), the game and players are more fun to watch for me. But I'll take another shot at it and guess that Stricker may be a winner this year going on his latest performances of late.


    The way Tiger is playing right now, its really hard not to go with him.  I am with Eagle though.  I really want to try and take in as much as I can view of this tournement.  Each year I seam to gain more and more respect for the players who take on this challange within a fishbowl.

    Best of luck to all participants, especially the FJ and Titleist guys.  Always pull for each of them.


    I'm gonna go with either Luke Donald or Hunter Mahan.  I like both of their games and if they can keep it on the short grass, have a really solid chance.


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    As with most - I'm taking the sucker's bet and going with Tiger.  I think his life is finally mostly in order and it will allow him to do what we know he can.

    There are a number of others though that can easily take it.  I do like OU's picks and Bubba of course.  I'd like to see Phil have a great week


    This is a year where the field is really quite open as to who might win. Several players are rounding into form, and the Masters always provides some drama with the top names. And as all Majors go, there may be some surprises from unlikely players who jump from the pack and steal a victory.

    But there is this little tidbit... Left handed players have won 4 of the last 7 times. Could this lean towards a Phil or Bubba win? Or do gritty Euros like Westwood, Donald, Stenson, or Poulter finally cross over for a Major? I wouldn't call Rory gritty, but he has had flashes of brilliance at Augusta in the past, and could find magic again.

    And there are any number of young Americans who, on any given weekend, could come and bag the first Major. And among those USA plaers is this TW guy. Playing well now, but still only a few bad shots away from his next swing change. He's winning again, but he's been in good form coming in to the Masters over the past 5 years since he last won a Major. And has yet to close the deal.

    So it's anyone's victory on the table. Wide open and there for the taking if you play one shot at a time and don't get too far in front of yourself..... Play on boys!


    Looking forward to 4 days of great golf! I have a feeling this Masters is going to be won by a first time major winner, even with TW winning more frequently there is still quite a few guys playing well at the moment. This year just seems like the year for a new face to wear the jacket.


    Let's see........Sonja Henie is out..........I'll go with Shagbark  McShanks.

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    Adam Scott - He's come close here and after his flop in the British Open, he's ready to take home a major...


    Now that would be a great result pistol.

    Will Scott be the first Aussie to win the Masters?

    He's certainly got the game but he'd have to have a phenomenal week on the greens to snare the green jacket.

    So let's hope.


    I agree pistol Pete! This is Adam Scott's year. He played great in the Masters last year, almost won the British, and has to have a chip on his shoulder.


    TW without a doubt!

    He's firing on all cylinders!


    Steve S. is my darkhorse!