Stricker Named Ryder Cup Vice Captain


    Captain Watson has just named Steve Stricker a Vice Captain for the Ryder Cup. I'm certain Strick's steely putting tips will be leveraged in hopes of our boys bringing home the cup this year!

    Go USA


    Great choice.  I can see him captaining his own team in the future.


    Wow, awesome choice.........I heard the commentators talking yesterday that Steve would be a great choice for a Vice we need a balance of about Phil as the other Vice Captain, but he is trying to make the team........need a bunch of young guns who have no fear........those Europeans fear no one......

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    Great choice!!!  Have a lot of respect for Strick...   I hope Watson chooses his picks wisely....  

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    Great pick by Captain Watson. Stricker is a great competitor and a real ambassador of the game.


    I get the impression that Stricker is a smart, thoughtful player. He will make a fine Vice Captain.

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    great choice in Wisconsinite Steve Stricker ,  one of the other vice captains is also from my area  in Andy North.  The two are actually friends and both spend time in Madison area.  Will be rooting for both to bring back the Cup.  

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    Class act , an excellent choice and mentor for the youngsters.


    Probably one of the best choices Watson could make. The guy is a class act all the way.


    We may need him to suit up!!!!

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    Strick is a good choice, he is a class act.


    Great choice , Watson finds a nice kind voice for his team.

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    Stricks showed yesterday he could help out on the course, played very well this weekend.

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    Outstanding pick by Tom. Stricker will be an asset to the team not just a pretty face.