JB Holmes


    Congrats to JB on his win yesterday. After everything he has been through health wise it is great to see him pick up a win.

    I met him the UK University Club in Lexington when I was playing college. I went down to play a practice round with a buddy and he was in the clubhouse eating lunch. Real nice guy, shook hands with me and offered a bit of advice on the course. He still has his own parking place at the club.

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    It might have not been pretty but a win is a win.


    Nice guy, and in spite of his "U-K ness" I like him!

    Well played JB.

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    What a great win for JB! He has been through a lot in the past few years and I think this accomplishment is simply fantastic.


    Glad to see JB healthy and on tour again.  Class act!!

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    Well earned win for a guy who has overcome quite a bit, he sure can generate club head speed. Congrats to him.


    Amazing that he has been able to come back and put another win together after all he has been through from a health perspective.  It just amazes me at how far he can hit the ball and that he just let it rip with the drive on so many tee shots.  


    Nice to see him over come his illness.


    It's a great feel good story for everyone associated with golf. To come back to the top level of his game and win is incredible. Can't wait for the John B. Holmes story.