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    Fantastic finish to the Shell Houston Open. Love these games when it all comes down to a little luck and some great players involved in the playoff. Jones chips in from the rough to hole out and beat Kutcher by one stroke in the playoff.

    Congratulations to Matt Jones on this win, his first, and the final entry to the Masters as a result of this win.


    Kucher choking didn't hurt either!


    Yeah, and Jones sank long birdie putt on #18 in regulation.  Wow, that water shot by Kutch was out of character which opened the door for a playoff and an opportunity for Jones and a trip to the Masters....heard him say in the interview that he told his caddie, that he was going to knock in the pitch shot....now that is confidence.....great win......

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    Sorry to see Kuchar not close that one out.  Congrats to Matt Jones a FJ player.


    Shocked that Kuchar folded like that. Congrats to Matt Jones and Footjoy !


    What a way to end it. Amazing that Jones did make two 3's on 18 when the rest of field really struggled.  Congrats Matty and good luck in Augusta!

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    Great way to win your first.


    Wearing Footboy of course

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    Was a great finish to watch.  Feel bad for Kuch, but Jones made it happen.  Great way to notch #1!!