The slow play police out in force in Texas !


    Where were they yesterday ?


    I didn't get to watch very much yesterday, but from what I heard, the slow play was more of a result of conditions than anything else.  That kind of slow play I'm "OK" with.  I don't agree with standing there waiting for the wind to die down, but I also don't think it would be fair for a guy to have to make a swing if a big wind gust puts him off balance in the middle of his swing.

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    Course conditions were pretty windy. With Bowditch coming back to the field I would have taken my sweet time playing. Try to maximize my conditions for every shot.

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    The tour can very easily speed up pace of play by enforcing the rules they have in place and publicly announcing fines to slow players. Start costing these guys  $$ and strokes.  Some guys take 4 or 5 practice swings, there is no need for that.

    Once they get to the ball and pull a club 60 secs is plenty.

    They are playing extremely difficult set ups and for millions so some slow play is a given but a lot of it can be trimmed.

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    You got to wonder how TV effects pace of play during live events.


    You got to wonder how TV effects pace of play during live events.

    It really has no effect. Televised golf is not like other sports that have scheduled "TV Time outs". It is up to the broadcaster to keep up with the players they wish to show, not the players to play on que for the broadcast! the only notable exception is the AT&T Pro-Am where they do spend quite a bit of time with interviews with the AMs.

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    Yep agreed.  TV is not to blame.  Something like the AT&T Pro-Am is expected, but otherwise the only real blame is the players.  This definitely needs to be cracked down on.