Luke Donald

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    How many of you guys think Luke has a shot at the Master's this year?


    anyone does...but I'd have to say Donald is struggling too much with his game to truly compete this year....he's having trouble making putts and with his not so long game he will have to make putts to give himself a chance...not this year Lambchops although i wish him well

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    Although he has struggled as late, he is a class act. Some other players should be so classy.

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    I do not.  I like his game in general but I don't think he's where he needs to be.  With the overwhelming variety of winners showing up it's tough to pick a winner this year.

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    Luke is a very accomplished player though he seems to have lost a bit of his strength, putting. Augusta is such a long course these days - Donald is not the longest hitter and obviously hitting an iron or two longer into these greens on some of these long par 4s could be the difference between birdie chances and par lag putts.  


    This year might be too soon.  He reworked his game over the last year and he has bottomed out and on his way back.  I could see him contend at the US Open and maybe next year at the Masters, but I'm not sure his new game is back where it needs to be for this year.  However, I'll still be rooting for him.  He's one of my favorite players.


    The Masters is an event where you must expect the unexpected. If you look at the winners over the past few years, sitting at a similar point in time before the event, no one would have said that a Scott, Cabrerra, Mickelson, or Watson was a heavy favorite going in.

    There will be a lot of golf to play over those 4 days. The weather may come into play. So many stories yet to be written. Luke certainly could rally and be there at the end. Not ready to say he will or wont.


    You never know what will happen.  Luke has not been hanging out around the tops of the leaderboards as much as of late but he seems to be improving and getting some of his game back.  You never know when somebody will strike it and put a great series of rounds together.  Regardless of who the winner is, it is always a great tournament to watch!

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    He changed coaches maybe 8 months ago and has been playing better, he has one of the top 4 or 5 short  games in the world so if he keeps it in play off the tee and takes advantage of the par 5's he could . He has had a few top 10 finish's there so it's not impossible.

    I look for for Adam, Rory, Phil and DJ are my top 4 [ assuming TW is out]  Patrick Reed as a dark horse.

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    With his short game he could hang around near the top of the leader board and hope someone wilts under the glare of the Masters.

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    he would not be my pick.  I think he suffers from distance issues which seems to be important on Augusta. He can make up for that by layups and close wedge play on the 5's then one putt for birdies.  His putting seems suspect at times this year.  I like Luke and wish him the best.  And seems like anything can happen at Augusta esp on the back nine on Sunday.  


    A big hitter with a hot putter is going to win.

    Unless the condition get weird... Luke is neither long nor his his putter hot. I would expect Westwood to be the best Englishman this year maybe Rose but I doubt it.


    I think Zach Johnson proved you don't have to be a bigger hitter to win at Augusta.