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    The guy has the complete package, good putter , very long off the tee and above average around the greens.

    You don't blow the field away at 2 major venue's without a complete game.

    He blew up after leading the Masters after 3 rounds but then in his very next major dominated the event that's not something someone without a mind to match the game does.

    BTW he is only 24 and is only going to get better between the ears. He is a very impressive young man.

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    Agree with tee2green-- he is still young.  and the tour has a lot of parity.  like the old saying from the NFL -- on any given Sunday....

    His record with two majors and 6 wins I believe speaks for itself however its hard to talk great when TW was/is such a great player todate and he is the standard people look at -- seems everyone that goes on a hot streak is thought to be  the next great player.  and I m not sure there will be another for a bit.  you have to do it more than a season or heck even a few weeks in a row.