Dove mountain - Bye Bye ?

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    I am glad to see they will be most likely be changing venues for this event. This course has too many holes that are virtually the same look. From the 4th hole to the 14th there are 4 or 5 holes virtually the same look.

    Looks like Harding park is the favorite with some changes made to event itself, maybe a prime time Monday ending.


    I'd love to see Harding...... That course seemed to hinky!

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    Have to been to Dove Mountain? It is a great course.  I disagree, I have been to the tournament and think it has alot of character!  There are long par 3s, short par 3s, long Par 4s, short Par 4s, holes that go both right and left.  It sets up very well for a matchplay tournament.  I am sad to see it go. I would travel from Wisconsin again to attend that event!

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    Rustinwest   I have not been but I respectfully disagree.

    The only holes that really stand out are the 3rd and the drive able 15th, most of the par 4's to be very similar and the severity of the green slopes seem a little harsh to even good shots.

    There must be a reason they are most likely moving the event.


    I have loved the look of this course and think it is a shame it is moving.

    Will admit there are several holes that look very much the same which can be confusing and the greens are on the extreme but these guys are the best in the world and the difficulty makes for a perfect matchpay venue.

    I understand that they want to review the format and get a new sponsor but I hope they have some sort of matchplay component and secure another great course.


    The course is pretty much universally disliked by the Tour players. The greens are much too severe and really do not reward good shots. A lot of people make comment about how severe the greens at Pinehurst #2 are, but hose are flat and rewarding by comparision to Dove Mtn.


    Not surprised it's moving.  When top players aren't playing a WGC event because they dislike the course so much, that says a lot.  Hopefully they pick a course and set it up for match play (i.e. a lot of risk reward holes).  Might not be practical, but I'd like to see it rotate between maybe 6 or so courses.  Maybe it might add something to the event.  Or at worst, it could be a test case for future Ryder/Presidents Cup venues.


    Nobody likes servere undelations on big greens. Golf is meant to be challanging but do not take away from the spirit of the game and the reward of a good shot.   Sometimes designers have a tendency to take away the fairness factor.    


    There's a big difference between being hard and being unfair.  Too many courses cause unfair conditions while trying to make the course as difficult as possible.

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    I think it has less to do with the course and more with the format in the first two day you loss most of the guys and while Sunday was awesome to watch if you got to guys with no draw then its boring

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    Good point Tdogg.  When Tiger and Phil freely skip the event due to what seems like a hate/hate relationship since it moved to Dove Mountain that sends a pretty big message.  We the avid golfers would watch just about anyone in the matchplay but ratings still move the needle and no one does it better than Tiger and Phil right now.  

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    I do not care where it moves to just keep a match play format for some event -- I enjoy watching match play golf whether is the WGC, Solheim, Presidents  or Ryder Cup.  

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    I think the tour needs at least one match play event.

    I also miss the old event in Colorado that used stable ford scoring, that was a fun event year in and year out.

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    Interesting how a few of the players (Rory, Graham, etc) are now coming out in favour of the course and format.

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    I don't think the players have an issue with the format as much as TV does because usually the stars[Tiger and Phil] are gone by the weekend.

    There are quite a few of the top players that don't think too highly of the course. Adam, Henrik as well as Phil and Tiger all have made it known they not very fond of the course.

    I love the format and hopefully they find away to please the players and the networks.