LPGA Race to CME Globe


    The LPGA’s new Race to the CME Globe was unveiled this morning  as a season-long competition for the biggest winner’s prize in women’s golf.

    A $1 million check will await the winner of a new points-based race that will run from start to finish of the 2014 season.

    The race begins with the LPGA’s season opener at the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic in two weeks and continues until its conclusion at the re-named season finale, the CME Group Tour Championship at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, Fla.

    This is just what the LPGA tour needed.  Lovin' it........

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    I think it's great prize for the LPGA.  Funny how the CME event is in Naples.  Would be more fitting for it be at Medinah, although the season end temperature would likely be prohibitive.


    I like it. Anything to get people more interested in golf and more specifically women interested in golf is a good thing.


    I like the concept and I think the LPGA should get more coverage and exposure than it currently does, but do we really have to call everything a "race"?

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    Great Idea hopefully this will start more of a buzz for the LPGA


    People need to go to some of these events and see just how good these players are.  Having worked as a volunteer at their events, I have a lot of respect for their games and abilities and love to watch them play.  They got game.......

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    saw the announcement this morning on GC and think it is a good idea, however like the other playoffs it seems to diminish season long accomplishments somewhat with the resetting of points etc. Playoffs do retain interest at the end of the year however for some -- i just enjoy watching good golf .  

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    I think it is about time that LPGA adopt the Fedex cup format.