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    PGA Tour radio had a comemrcial on saying, "playing in a pro-am isn't as expensive as you think." So I looked into it and they say it's between $10-50K, depending on the event, for a threesome.

    That actually seems quite reasonable for a small business trying to get some exposure.


    The average is actually between $5,000 - $10,000 per player. It is usually tough to get the "name" players as they go to sponsors entries in the Pro-Am. The LPGA is the best value.

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    I would rather spend a long weekend playing Pebble for that.

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    I have played in a few Pro/Ams that others paid for but I wouldn't ever pay that much out of my own pocket. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to play with numerous tour pros and that may be why I feel that way. If I had a life dream to play a round with a specific person and I was assured to be in their paring I might look at it differently.


    I checked into playing in the ProAM Jam that I work everyyear at the Daniel Island Club and it runs $5,000 per person.  I believe we ended up with only two Pros from the tour and the rest were celebrities and two NASCAR drivers.  Personally, I would rather take that money and go to Ireland for a week and play golf.  I played in a MD Celebrity Golf Tournament a number of years ago and was given an entry free by a sponsor for raising money for MD.  A lot of fun and they really take care of you and your guest.  Played four courses at Hilton Head over labor day and met a lot of famous.  Got to meet Johnny Bench, Curly Neal, Neal Armstrong, and hang out with my childhood idol, Buffalo Bob Smith (Howdy Doddy's Daddy).  Baseball players, football players, comedians, soap opera stars, and got a lot of great pictures.....had a blast.  A lot of parties, great food and auctions.....    

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    Thanks for the tip. That's still a lot of dough, but your point makes a lot of sense. Amatuers can learn a lot more from the LPGA, in terms of strategy, club selection, and distances. Plus, I imagine there's more inside the ropes access to the players. The LPGA seems to do a good job marketing themselves.

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    I was toying around with the idea of playing in the pro-am at Kapalua for the Tournament of Champions.  Since this is a limited field event made up of prior year winners and there is a draw for pairings, I figure you would have a better chance of playing with a top-ranked player.  I love the courses at Kapalua and, since it would mean a trip to Hawaii for the wife, she green-lighted the idea.  It is $7,500 and includes one entry in the individual tournament (the day before the pro-am on the Bay Course), one entry in the pro-am, invitation for two to the draw party and to the pro-am awards reception.  Didn't work out this year due to some scheduling issues, but I hope to do it in one of the upcoming years.


    Just think of all the poi you get to eat.....yuck........Maui is one of our favorite places in the wife and I were talking about our need to go back to Hawaii......"here today, gone to Maui" the attitude there.......hope you get to go and play in the pro-am....sounds like a lot of fun and you get to enjoy Hawaii.........