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    He may fall short but I am excited to see David Duval trying to get back into competitive golf.

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    He has been trying for a while now to regain something resembling his old self for sometime now, apparently he is giving it one last go. Hopefully he can start making some cut's and get some confidence back and go from there.

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    I agree.  He's been my favorite golfer for a long time.  I saw his interview on Feherty last week, it was very interesting.  I enjoy his honesty and that he is a true family man.


    Here here.  I wasn't alwasy a big fan of his, but after watching his interview on Feherty I have a different view.  I wish him the best of luck on his comeback.


    i was always a fan of his.  he just never really seemed to "handle" fame as well as some others and was misunderstood because of it.  i hope he makes it back to being competitive.

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    Big Fan of David Duval, I always pull for him and love the fact that he has been able to at least get back to the big stage, I would say 99% of people who fell as far as David did would have given up and walked away.  That just shows how mentally tough that guy is!


    I wish David a lot of luck in his comeback.  I believe he is at 135th or something like that now and has a long way to go....always liked the guy and enjoyed watching him play......missed his interview with Feherty....have to see if it is ondemand on the cable......

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    He's been through a lot. I would dare say he's a completely different person. Remember how he and Tiger used to have to shoot outs? He was surgical with his irons and looked like a ninja in those Oakleys. He's definitely a more reounded human being and despite losing a lot of money when the economy tanked he seems to be really happy with a beautiful family. I wish him well in this last attempt to find the magic.  If he doesn't make it perhaps we'll see him on the champions tour.

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    Btw, thanks for posting about David uval and not Don Donatello (Big Break 2).


    Always felt bad about his back and then the vertigo.  He climbed the mountain once, very doubtful he will be able to turn it around, but best wishes for him to try.


    He has acutally been hitting the ball pretty good but from what I saw this past year his short game and putting is horrible. If you can't get up and down and drop a few putts you will not make it on tour. If he was stuffing everything inside 10 feet it wouldn't matter but of course he is not. I am rooting for DD but unless he had a putting lession from Chubs at the putt putt course I don't see anything changing.


    Guess I'm in the minority.  Never really cared much for him.  He got cocky then lost his way in my opinion.  

    The new group of younger players have learned from the previous groups.  They are highly focused and determined without a lot of the cockiness.   Good Luck to him, but it's an uphill battle.



    I read something in an article on the internet that this is pretty much his last try.......said something like he is making $5000-$7000 a week now and if he can't make it this time on the tour, time to give it up........