Zach Johnson and his magic wedges


    How about Zach Johnson and his outstanding wedge play on holes 16, 17, and 18 on Sunday for another win for FJ/Titleist against the worlds best....way to go Zach...believe that second shot was a chillipopper.....but you made up for it with an outstanding hole out for a four to take it to a playoff.....

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    Wedges! Hard work dialing them in lots of hours. Good for Zach.

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    Not to often you see someone shank one into the water , especially with a title on the line  then jar his drop . Great stuff by a guy who is tough as nails.

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    Does anyone know which Vokey 60 he used?

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    Great Win for Zach maybe this will push him in the right direction for a great 2014!  

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    I mean seriously, how incredible was that? To hole out from the drop zone after the first approach shot went swimming...that's clutch. It just goes to show you...I need to practice more with those wedges.


    Does anyone know which Vokey 60 he used?

     ZJ's 60 is a Hand Ground Vokey (V grind).

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    Zach did hit a ridiculously perfect shot. But his reaction? Cadged directly from Jeff Overton:

    Zach's "Boom!" needs work!! Heh heh heh..

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    Devin to the rescue :)  Thanks Devin!

    Zach's wedge play was fairly amazing!  And he earned that win with it!


    he is a master of his wedges.  that's what got him where he is, and if you listened to him and his caddy, they spent all day trying to get to a good number for approach shots.

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    Is he using the new Vokey SM5 wedges?