Charleston kind of day


    Back to shorts and 78 degrees and hopefully more days of this kind of weather....trying to keep up with those guys in California.....loving it...  :-)

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    Must be nice, Chuck.  It was also 78 here in Dallas yesterday, but the low/high today is 27/39 with 18/30 for tomorrow!  We are not supposed to make it above freezing until Sunday.  I thought I had left this weather behind when I moved from Indiana 13 years ago!

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    It's about 70 here in Atlanta, except that's rained for 4 days and will keep doing so through Sunday and cooler temps.  I'm hoping the rain holds off for Sunday since I'm playing in a parent/child scramble.  I'll be fine, but my 5 year old might not like getting wet so much.

    I wish FJ made kid's rain gear.  


    Had a three foursome outing today and it was 80 degrees and shorts.  545pm EST and 72 outside.  I am lovin' this kind of weather.  Hope it stays this way for a while.  We normally don't get cold weather until February.  Mother nature has not been kind this fall.  Lows at night in the 50s/60s.....just reminds me why I chose to live here......


    That's better than downunder (Melbourne) the last few days CZ ... and it's summer down here !!!

    Our weather has been all over the shop the last couple of weeks.


    60s Wednesday and Thursday here in PA.  Unfortunately I didn't realize it was going to be like that and was stuck working.  The high this weekend is 31 and snow, so no golf for me.


    This weather is absolutely is 46 today and raining...........supposed to be 76 tomorrow....I sure am glad I have had my flu shot.....and for you guys who are getting all this sleet and snow......I do feel for you....we are supposed to head back to Memphis on the 22nd and I hope that the weather wife really wants to see her mom at Christmas.....we do take the southern route along I-20.....