Australian Open


    Did anyone watch the Australian Open?  I couldn't believe the finish.  Adam Scott was playing well but couldn't buy a break and Rory was hanging on the best he could.  And then on the last hole, Adam makes a critical error, can't recover, and gives the win to Rory.  Had to be gut-wrenching for him.  Maybe even worse than the British Open a couple of years ago.  Great finish to watch, but shocking to say the least.

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    Yes, I did.

    There I was thinking that Adam's 4 shot lead after Round 3 was a pretty good lead but Rory obviously worked out his hooking problems overnight. Adam struck the ball really well, but the putter was just unusually cold. Couple that with the final hole nerves I'm sure Adam was feeling gave Rory his big 'W'. I'm still pretty sure Adam will have a few W's in 2014, as Rory said in his speech Adam is playing the best golf in the world at the moment. Shot for shot between Adam and Rory - it proved to be a great final round at the Aussie Open.

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    I did watch what a terrific back nine. Adam must have had at least 4 or 5 putts hit the hole that just didn't fall for him.

    Rory drove the ball nicely and showed guts making that birdie to defeat Scott in his own backyard.



    Scott just couldn't get it done despite alot of chances and those last two putts of McIllroy on 17 and 18 were incredible.

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    Nothing against Rory but it just wasn't Adams day.

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    Great drama. Too bad Scotty couldn't pull it off.  Many people think that Rory has it all sorted now. Not sure about that yet but nice to see some competition.


    I watched the first couple holes and I thought the four shot lead would be safe, so I headed to bed.  I was browsing Twitter before going to sleep when I saw people start posting about how it was down to a one shot lead at the turn.  So I got up and set my DVR but still thought Scott would pull it out.  It was gut wrenching to watch all of those putts keep lipping out while Rory made practically everything he looked at.  Was a great final 9 to watch, but I was stunned to watch Rory pull off the win.


    Being a big Adam Scott fan was kinda hard to follow, but that is the nature of their business....the ups and downs.....was watching and interview with Rory and Tiger last night and they were talking about consistancy and Scotty has been so consistant down under and was pulling for him to pull off the triple crown.........he'll was Rory's day and he had not won in a to see him come back to Titleist......but that is another story......


    What a game !!!

    Anything is possible and certainly an anti-*** for all those Scott fans out there but on the other hand it was a great performance by McIllroy and good to see him slowly regaining his form and Will be interesting to see how he goes in LA this week.